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The digital lifestyle assistant

Unforgettable experiences

In a world where service consumption is growing very fast, we realized that the meeting of supply and demand was fragmented, particularly with the wide range of luxury services. We have noticed an important waste of time between the clients and the concierges and a struggle in responding to every demand in a very short-term period.

That’s why we created FASTE.

What's a digital lifestyle assistant ?

Booking luxury services can be quite time consuming. At FASTE, we believe that organizing your perfect trip should be painless and as fast as possible. This is why we have built a set digital tools, designed to book your trip and activities faster than anyone else.

They recommend us

Thank you to the FASTE team for organizing my husband's birthday party in Ibiza. I will for sure contact you again in the future.

Ibiza, August 2019
They recommend us

We had a lovely time with my family in Corsica, the villa, the chef and the butler were amazing.
Thank you again.

Corsica, July 2019
They recommend us

You provided us with the best even though it was a very last minute request.

Mykonos, July 2019